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Leo Edward Nussbaum

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Status:  Public = Public    
Plot Location:  S-10-34 Section:  S
Plot Status:  Interred Row:  10
Plot Type:  Plot
Date of Interment:  3/10/1959 Grave:  34

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Interred Name:  Leo Edward Nussbaum
Age:  61 Years, 9 Months, 18 Days SSN:  xxx-xx-
Date of Birth:  5/17/1897 Birth Certificate:  
Place of Birth:  Gordonville, MO
Date of Death:  3/7/1959 Death Certificate:  Nussbaum_Leo-Edward_1959.pdf
Place of Death:  Burfordville, MO

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 Rudy Nussbaum


 Leo Edward Nussbaum



Rudolph Arthur Nussbaum




Robert Nussbaum




Dorothy Mateka Latko




Gladys Kraemer




Colleen Felden Weisborn




Lora Henk




Viola Sadler




Vanna Craft Hoyt




Joan Burns




Faye Amelunke




Truman Nussbaum




Mrs. Richard Peel





  Frieda A Maag




       M: 11/28/1920 
       D: 03/07/1959 Death









 Mary Wrester

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Sex:   Male Race:  Caucasian
Height:   Weight:  
Eye Color:   Hair Color:  
DNA Card:   Fingerprint Card:  
Blood Type:   Voice File:  
Known Diseases:  
Cause of Death:  Acute Coronary Thrombosis

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Cracraft-Miller Funeral Home



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708 W Main Street

Jackson, MO 63755-1745

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708 W Main Street

Jackson, MO 63755-1745



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 (573) 243-2541

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Book: Celebrating 100 Years in Christ 1899-1999
Death Certificate



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