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William J Renne

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Plot Location:  N-04-05 Section:  N
Plot Status:  Interred Row:  04
Plot Type:  Plot
Date of Interment:  6/10/1919 Grave:  05

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Interred Name:  William J Renne
Age:  20 Years, 5 Months, 13 Days SSN:  xxx-xx-
Date of Birth:  12/26/1898 Birth Certificate:  
Place of Birth:  Gordonville, MO
Date of Death:  6/8/1919 Death Certificate:  Renne_William-J_1919.pdf
Place of Death:  Gordonville, MO

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 William Carl Frederick Renne


 William J Renne








 Joseph C Renne




 Martin A Renne






 Elizabeth T Kester

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Sex:   Male Race:  Caucasian
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Cause of Death:  Accidental Drowning

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Occupations:  Farmer
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Wessell Funeral Co



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Jackson, MO 

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Jackson, MO 



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William Renne, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. F. Renne, prominent farmer folks of the Gordonville neighborhood, was drowned Sunday afternoon while swimming in a pond on the William Niemann farm, northeast of Gordonville.

Young Renne, together with eight or ten other boys, had gone to the pond for an afternoon's sport, had undressed and swam across the pond, was on a return trip and calling to his comrades to "Come on, the water's fine," suddenly disappeared under the surface and was seen no more.

The other boys made an attempt to rescue him and some of them ran for help, but all efforts were of no avail. About 75 men and boys had gathered in a short while, a raft was constructed and the bottom of the small lake was searched with poles but still the body could not be located. Finally Rev. W. C. Krueger, pastor of the Lutheran church at Gordonville, appeared and being an expert swimmer began to dive for the body.

After several trials he located the body in about eight feet of water succeeded in bringing it to the surface. Dr. B. W. Hays of Jackson, who was present, made all efforts to resuscitate the boy, but as the body had been in the water several hours, all efforts in that direction were without success. Squire H. W. Bangert of Gordonville, after questioning the boys who saw Renne drown, did not think an inquest necessary.

The pond in which the young man found his untimely death is a so-called sinkhole, something like 12 feet in depth in places. It is the "old swimming hole" for the boys of that neighborhood, and no one was ever drowned therein before. Repeated heavy rains had raised the water to a considerable height, but young Renne was considered a good swimmer and in no danger of any kind of water. He must have been attacked by cramps, when he became helpless, as he made no outcry, but sank from view rather suddenly.

William Renne was born December 26, 1898, and had therefore just attained his majority. He graduated from the Poplar Grove school near his Father's home and then entered the Cape Girardeau Normal School, where he remained one semester, returning to the large farm and becoming his father's main help.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon, beginning with services at the Renne home at 1 o'clock, followed by internment in the Gordonville Lutheran cemetery.

Newspapers Published:
Monday, June 9, 1919 in the Southeast Missourian

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Book: Celebrating 100 Years in Christ 1899-1999
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