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George Conrad Siemers

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Plot Location:  N-06-11 Section:  N
Plot Status:  Interred Row:  06
Plot Type:  Plot
Date of Interment:  4/29/1930 Grave:  11

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Interred Name:  George Conrad Siemers
Age:  73 Years, 3 Months, 30 Days SSN:  xxx-xx-
Date of Birth:  12/28/1856 Birth Certificate:  
Place of Birth:  Cape Girardeau County, MO
Date of Death:  4/27/1930 Death Certificate:  Siemers_George-Conrad_1930.pdf
Place of Death:  Gordonville, MO

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 Henry Conrad Siemers


 George Conrad Siemers



Louise S Kerstner





  Anna Wilhelmina Kuss




       M: 09/12/1878 
       D: 04/27/1930 Death







 William C Siemers




 L H Siemers




 H Martin Siemers




 Mrs. Jacob Schwab






 Hermina Bertling

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McCombs Funeral Home - Jackson, MO



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640 West Independence Street

Jackson, MO 63755-1204

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640 West Independence Street

Jackson, MO 63755-1204



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 (573) 243-2424

Website - http://www.mccombsfuneralhome.com/

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Funeral Official:
Rev. Hugo Heuer



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G. C. Siemers Dies Suddenly
Pioneer County Man Succumbs at Home in Gordonville.

George Conrad Siemers, 73 years old, pioneer native of Cape Girardeau County, was found dead in the bathroom of his residence at Gordonville at 6 o'clock Sunday evening by his son-in-law, M. G. Kerstner, who went to look for the elder man after he had not been seen during the late afternoon. Coroner Sherman Haupt of Jackson held that death was caused by heart disease from which the aged man had suffered from sometime.

A peculiar circumstance about the aged man's demise was that he apparently had been looking over a biography of himself he had written on April 27, 1924, six years ago to the date he died, and this biography was lying on a table in an adjoining room. To the document had been added the lines: "I hope to meet in Heaven with God, the father, son and Holy Ghost. For Jesus sake, Amen."

Siemers had last been seen in the yard at his home at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon and when he did not again appear his son-in-law, who resides next door, investigated.

He was born six miles west of Cape Girardeau and when he was 22 years old was married to Miss Wilhelmina Kuss. He later lived near Dutchtown and then purchased the family home place and lived there until retiring about 15 years ago.

Besides his widow, Siemers is survived by a daughter, Mrs. M. G. Kerstner of Gordonville, and three brothers: William C. Siemers of Gordonville, L. H. Siemers of Cape Girardeau and Martin Siemers of Gordonville. He also leaves a sister, Mrs. Jacob Schwab of Gordonville.

Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at Christ Lutheran Church at Gordonville, Rev. Hugo Heuer, conducting the rites. Interment will be in a cemetery there.

Newspapers Published:
Monday, April 28, 1930 in the Southeast Missourian

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Book: Celebrating 100 Years in Christ 1899-1999
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